Production base Ⅱ

One of Shandong production bases, Shandong INOV New Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, Founded in May, 2008, located in East Chemical Zone, Qilu Chemical Industrial Park, Linzi District, Zibo. It has Enterprise Technology Center of Shandong, Rigid Polyurethane Engineering Research Center of Zibo and Rigid polyurethane polyether Engineering Laboratory of Zibo.

The main products includes polyether polyol, Blend polyols for rigid PU foam, which are widely applied to home appliance, solar energy, industrial thermal insulation, construction, mine, hydropower, automobile, etc.


Polyether polyol capacity is 110,000Tons per year for rigid foam, 130,000Tons per year for flexible foam. PU system capacity is 110,000Tons per year. After the second phase of expansion, our capacity will be double.